Tonight at 9.30pm +1 GMT and in Streaming from 10.30pm +1 GMT Second Chapter DAP MULTIMEDIA FESTIVAL

Nov 8, 2020

DAP FESTIVAL is also a Multimedia Festival that operates in the field of international contemporary dance.

During the lockdown, choreographers and dancers from all over the world commit themselves to the realization of new choreographies according to the security measures imposed by “social distancing”.

The collected video material is used for the realization of a series of television episodes. DAP MULTIMEDIA FESTIVAL enters the FUTURE where dance is produced via computers and smartphones that like “creative viral superpowers” capture it through the private and public spaces of numerous cities around the world.

The dance here blends with the architecture of remote spaces, with nature, and with the everyday places in which we move, to give rise to a new and engaging universal language that manifests itself instantly outside the traditional theatrical spaces.

DAP FESTIVAL aims to offer a national and international cultural variety able to involve and fascinate a wide audience through a message of solidarity among people.

This second episode takes us through Europe and the rest of the world to strengthen the principle of shortening distances through ART, to bring close even those who are far away. Dance does not stop, it goes beyond the boundaries of gender and race diversity giving all artists the opportunity to show us their creativity.

DAP MULTIMEDIA FESTIVAL invites people to deeply observe the moment we are living in order to understand it, learn to narrate it, and encourages artists to create a digital time capsule, which will preserve the strength and emotion of this period for future generations.

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