Vertigo is a modern Israeli dance company founded by Noa Wertheim and Adi Sha’al in Jerusalem in 1992. The company’s first performance was a duet by Wertheim and Sha’al called “Vertigo”. Following appearances at various festivals around the world, Vertigo has received awards, positive reviews and numerous prizes from professionals and deep appreciation from the international public. The group mainly features works by Wertheim but also shows works by independent choreographers. Vertigo imposes itself on the world panorama of contemporary dance with “contact improvisation” and classic and modern technique. The Vertigo Dance Company is funded by the Jerusalem Municipality and the Ministry of Culture of Israel. For the DAP Festival, 2019 Vertigo will present the recent creation for ten dancers titled: One, One & One choreography by Noa Wertheim, an original masterpiece that symbolizes the essence of the Company’s artistic expression and their philosophy of art, nature, history, and sense of humanity. One, One & One reflects an inner analysis of the human soul and analyzes the different relational and metaphorical perspectives between being far and near, between the self and the other.

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