The Festival yearly develops an artistic project establishing valuable synergies with the most renowned sculptors in the area.

DAP 2022 follows and re-establishes the historical-cultural line linking Isamu Noguchi to Martha Graham, stimulating innovative dance research where a dancer inspired by sculpture redefines its meanings in the stage space and broaden its horizons.


DAP Festival will feature the scenographic realization of the sculpture by the great Master Sculptor KAN YASUDA.

The Artwork titled “The Unconscious” will inspire the Choreography by Adria Ferrali and the movement choreographic research by PeiJu  Chien-Pott. The realization of the project is possible thanks to KAN YASUDA and GIORGIO ANGELI’s Sculpture Studio.

 (courtesy of Iron Rose Festival of Taiwan

in “ISLAND” choreographed by PeiJu Chien-Pott, commissioned by the Iron Rose Festival of Taiwan)


KAN YASUDA was born in Bibai on the island of Hokkaido in 1945. In 1969 he received the highest recognition for his artistic work from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. He comes to Italy for the first time in 1970 with a scholarship made available by the Italian government: he studies and perfects himself under the guidance of Pericle Fazzini, at the Academy of Art in Rome. Kan Yasuda later set up his laboratory in Tuscany, in the city of Pietrasanta. The city is famous worldwide for the extraction of the best quality marble. From this moment, he settled in Tuscany and continued to produce his sculptural works in marble and bronze. The Maestro is the winner of numerous international awards. Studio Giorgio Angeli Querceta supports the realization of all its marble sculptures and the scenography of the VI Edition of the DAP. “Kan Yasuda is a Master of Knowledge and beauty” Antonio Paolucci


«Gratitude to the world of stonecutters for their obstinate search, together with us sculptors, for statues in shapeless blocks of stone» Giò Pomodoro. In the shadow of the Apuan Alps, a step away from the sea stands the historic Art Sculpture Studio in marble and stones by Giorgio Angeli. Apprentice of Erminio Cidorio in the 60s he opened his industry in the 70s. The structure boasts an exhibition gallery and a museum garden enriched by prestigious works. The great sculptors of abstractionism and informal exponents of the historical avant-gardes of the last century, representatives of conceptual and environmental art, attended his studio: Isamu Noguchi, Gonzalo Fonseca, Beverly Pepper, Jorge Piqueras and Robert Courtright, and Kan Yasuda. Then again the Italians Adami, Canuti, Cascella, Carmassi, Ceroli, Finotti, Giò Pomodoro, Nivola, Romeda, Tarabella, Virduzzo, just to name a few.

“The Unconscious”

Choreographic creation around the sculptural work

by the Master of Sculpture

Kan Yasuda

The 2022 artistic project sees the meeting of an eminent artist of international sculpture, Maestro Kan Yasuda, known throughout the world for the wisdom and beauty of his works of art, with the Artistic Director of Danza in Arte in Pietrasanta Adria Ferrali in the role of choreographer and the international dancer Peiju Chien-Pott as an interpreter and choreographic researcher of the movement.

Kan Yasuda’s sculptural work entitled “Unconscious” redefines the scenic spaces and establishes the interpretative meanings of this solo created ad hoc for the beautiful Taiwanese dancer.

Alongside our conscious life, there is a parallel reality in which all dreams collect. Through the language of signs, dance seeks all the purity and essentiality of its forms. Kan Yasuda’s sculpture and dance stand in space as sacred presences. The unconscious is that unknown part of our psyche that does not easily reach any level of consciousness. This invisible aspect, beyond our control, is very similar to water and very powerful like water. Under the impulse of a dance ritual, the dancer comes alive like a rhythm of the earth. The dance dialogues with the sculpture and enters the unconscious of each spectator, where we find the most remote childhood memories and all the emotions, hidden passions, and unconfessed desires. Life leads us to discover new horizons, but above all, to cross that border door pervaded by strong feelings.

Kan Yasuda’s Artwork (created for the stage thanks to Giorgio Angeli’s Sculpture Studio intervention) is the root of this choreographic solo. The dance wants to confront the original idea of human and earthly nature.

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