The Artistic Project of DAP Festival combines the work of an eminent artist of the visual arts and an internationally renowned contemporary dance choreographer for the creation of choreographic work which includes a cast of professional dancers and about 10 young students selected at the DAP Festival College.

In the DAP Festival Artistic Project 2020, the Russian choreographer Boris Shipulin is invited to draw inspiration from the works of the Italian artist and sculptor Fabio Viale (represented by the Poggiali / Forconi Gallery in Florence). The choice of the choreographer is connected at a significant level to the Work of Fabio Viale, the year’s sculptor in Pietrasanta and to the main axis of his research. The virtuosity of substance, which as in dance is the result of a game triggered to provoke sensory slips and perceptual displacements, leads the viewer into an idea so real to seem true. Through the Opera of Fabio Viale, the choreographer and his cast are called to interpret, reinvent and codify reality in the deepest meanings and to look at art and sculpture from a completely different perspective. A feeling that goes beyond pure virtuosity or mere aesthetic complacency, which passes through the exploration and analysis of contemporary issues, such as eco-sustainability, the environment and the rescue of the planet.
During the month of June, on the big stage of Versiliana, at the Green House (set up as a dance studio), Boris Shipulin will create his own choreography which will be staged on July 4th on the occasion of the DAP Festival Gran Gala. The cast of dancers will consist of professionals including the Italian dancer Tamara Fragale, the Norwegian dancer Thomas Johansen, the Russian dancers Stanislav Ponomarev and Olga Sayapina and about 10 students carefully selected at the DAP FESTIVAL COLLEGE. Students will be selected at the beginning of the College’s educational program to live a unique creative experience.


Already dancers, artists and primary image of the DAP Festival 2017, much loved by students and the public in DAP 2018 and DAP 2019 return to DAP 2020 in the CAST of the Artistic project alongside BORIS SHIPULIN!

The DAP Festival 2020 edition also adds to its productivity a Dance project with FLOCKS, a company founded by Alice Klock in the USA together with Florian Lochner and designed for the creation of dynamic, vibrant and joy-based works that affect the sense of community for the creation of choreographies that, without falling back on traditional gender roles, undertake to redefine the meaning of vulnerability and strength of each individual, balancing their creations and investing in each dancer, with the strong belief that each performer has something unique and powerful to share with the public. FLOCK will work with the young students of the DAP Festival College who will be asked to express themselves and fully explore their art in a context of collaboration and choreographic creativity.

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