Simona Haag is the winner of a prestigious scholarship from M ° Alla Ossipenko. She studied dance from a very young age, under the artistic guidance of Lilia Bertelli at the Professional Dance Training Center of “Danza e Movimento” in Florence, where she completed the eighth year’s ballet level and specialized in Graham technique with Deanna Losi. Simona is the top recipient of numerous prizes, among which the Spoleto International Dance Competition, Rieti Danza Festival, Young Talent “Città di Nettuno” and the Barcelona Choreographic Competition. In her career as a dancer, she collaborates with numerous contemporary dance companies as well as the Micha Van Hoecke Ensemble, Mistral, Versilia Danza, Compagnia Mannini dall ‘Orto, DanzaRicercando, and with the Florence Civic Theater interpreting the creations of renowned international choreographers such as Suzanne Linke, Micha Van Hoecke, Eugenio Scigliano, Ron Hawell, Jean-Jacques Pillet, Dino Verga, Roberto Sartori, Angela Torriani Evangelisti, and Beatrice Paoleschi. Simona also worked with important theater and film directors including Franco Zeffirelli, Serge Denoncourt, Graham Vick, Rolando Panerai, Roberto Guicciardini, Italo Dall ‘Orto and Pietro Bartolini.

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