Roberta Ferrara is the artistic director of Equilibrio Dinamico Dance Company and the international training program Ed Ensemble, Italy.
Since 2020 she is also Associate Artistic Director for Odyssey Dance Theater Singapore (founded by Dr. Danny Tan), which represents one of the leading professional dance promotion organizations across Asia.
Ferrara graduated in Modern Literature with a focus on Theater Culture with an experimental thesis on the value of instinctive movement as a therapeutic gift for dancers and non-dancers, where she combines her research with an immersive study of techniques and languages of international contemporary dance.
This combination lays the foundations for a creative work dedicated to a poetic style that is always connected to all human beings and their inner universe.
As a dance interpreter, she has worked for the choreographer Emanuel Gat at the Venice Biennale and the Ravello Festival.
Guest at various national and international theaters such as the Staatstheater Ballet Augsburg, Teatrul De Balet Sibiu, English National Ballet School, Korea Ballet House, Conservatorio Internacional de Ballet and Dança Annarella Sánchez, Morikawa Dance Academy, Ateneo Della Danza, Elan Ballet, Balletto di Siena, ODT, Experimental Film Virginia, Eko Dance Project Roberta was also supported, with her works, by the Italian Cultural Institutes of Cologne, New York, Mexico City, Zagreb, San Francisco, Ankara and Sao Paulo of Brazil.
Her creations have been selected and hosted in several international festivals including MASDANZA, FIDCMX, Cortoindanza, Network Danza Urbana XL, Festival Mutinamenti Anticorpi XL, ZED Festival, Puglia Showcase, DanzInc, BallettGala Staatstheater Bremerhaven, Perspective Dance Theater, 100 Stairs Festival, Dance on the Net Festival, Lucky Trimmer, Fuoriformato Festival, VIVADANCA, SoloCoreografico USA, Solo Contemporary Dance Festival Ankara, Sid Festival Seattle, Interdans, Split Summer Festival, Solo Tanz Theater.
She is the winner of numerous international awards assigned by prestigious theater directors.
Her work has been featured in Italy, Mexico City, America, Albania, Kosovo, Vietnam, Belgium, Germany, Croatia, Singapore, India, Japan, Korea, Portugal, Turkey, Brazil, Lebanon, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria.
She currently deals with choreography and training in Italy and abroad, combining the practical and theoretical study of tàijíquán, an ancient Chinese martial art with contemporary dance.

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