PosainOpera Ballet , a high-performing arts company, the result of the work and experience of Paola Posa, who is its artistic director and choreographer. The exceptional combination with the young and brilliant singer-songwriter Federico Fattinger, defines a turning point for the beginning of a magical artistic liaison in which the Company is committed to creating, thanks to the precious collaboration with Roberto Pascucci and Alessandro Zaccheroni (Music Directors). The young talents that form the ensemble are all from Cremona and have been selected by Paola Posa among the students who trained at Teatro Danza. PosainOpera Ballet aims to distinguish itself in the panorama of the performing arts by proposing an ensemble of young dancers and musicians capable of embellishing spectacular occasions that adapt to needs (of space and time) and various themes. The company, in fact, creates modular performances ranging from the acoustic duo to the dance concert.

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