Patrizia Mascari Bio

Psychologist, Pedagogue, and Adjunct Professor at the University of Florence. She freelances in the field of Clinical Psychology of Labor & Organization, by providing training activities for public and private organizations. She was involved in the promotion of health and organizational well-being for the Educational Services of Childhood of the municipality of Prato, by conducting parent-coaching and training the teaching and auxiliary staff. As a training designer and lecturer for State Pratesi Institues of the Second Degree, she has carried out primary prevention interventions: sexual education, educational and professional orientation, and multidisciplinary artistic workshops for multi-ethnic integration. In the private sector, she designs and carries out training courses for various professionals: social and health workers, animators and child care workers, executives, and managers.

Elective teaching topics: communication, work-related stress and burnout, team building, leadership, gender empowerment, and relaxation techniques. Trainer / lecturer at the provincial controls of Pisa, Lucca, Massa, in compliance with the memorandum of understanding between the Guardia di Finanza and the Order of Psychologists of Tuscany and for the latter member Working Group of Sport Psychology. Organizer of conferences, speaker at numerous cultural events including: “Entrepreneurs in Prato in 2000” Pratofutura in coll. with the Industrial Youth Group; Festival of Health Pietrasanta V edition; Lions Club Prato ‘Emperor’s Castle Section and Viareggio Lions Club; ‘ConversApero in Terrazza’ Bagni Genova Viareggio; Ardiocese of Lucca ‘Cycle Incontri in San Martino’; ‘Flicking the Mind’ X edition Viareggio Summer Psychology. Curator of the column ‘Sex & Versil-city’ and author of ‘Rubrisex’ on also publishes several scientific essays.

Artistic Curriculum

She began, as a child in the ’70s, studying classical dance under the guidance of Nina Ivanoff and continued through the years until she began to study modern dance with Raymond Luckens, then jazz dance (mattox method) until she came to dance contemporary, where she studied mixed techniques (Graham, Horton, Cunningam and Limon) under the guidance of several teachers during the ’80s and’ 90s, including Raffaele Marinari, Cinzia Casciani, Matilde tasselli, Andreas Paesler. In training internships she had the opportunity to study with choreographers and teachers such as Virgilio Sieni, Roberto Zappalà and Maria Fux for dance therapy. At the end of the 90s she began teaching dance (contemporary mixed technique) at the Datini Institute of Prato in the artistic laboratory and later at the Academy City of Prato until 2005. Later at the Bathing Establishment Amelia Viareggio, she held a course of muscle awakening for several years. Between 1980 and 2012 she participated as a lover in some entertainment activities. Viareggio Carnival evening with musicians and comedians with the Gatti del Vicolo Miracoli; Prato Estate: ‘Il CroceviaCampolmi’ and Prato under the stars at the Emperor’s Castle; Dancing Club Campi Bisenzio; Villa Borbone Torre del Lago. In Pomezia (Rome) National television selection of young performers of the song with T. Renis. R. Pavone: participation as a dancer-chorister. At the Sanremo National Selection Famous Italian Song Academy: participation as a dancer-chorister. Figurative solo on allegorical chariot (f.lli Cinquini) Carnival of Viareggio. In 2017 she was a member of the jury in the contest Ego Dance Contest and, in the same year, in Pietrasanta, she became the marketing director of Danza in Arte at Pietrasanta DAP Festival I edition.

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