Orly Portal dancer, choreographer, dance teacher, voice and movement therapist, a folklore explorer, and the developer of a distinct dance language based on the creation of movement from deep release incorporating elements of belly dance, modern contemporary dance, contact improvisation, and Feldenkrais.

Developer of the Portal method of physical and self-awareness practices exploring the wisdom of tuning into the body and honing movement quality: Portal Awareness Through Belly Dance, focused on the delicate movement of the pelvis and its interaction with the body as a whole, taught as part of a comprehensive program that includes a special training course for instructors to pass on this knowledge around the world.

Portal Improvisation practice, incorporating principles of Feldenkrais with improvisation while exploring the body and movement as a means to enhance awareness, improve movement capabilities and realize creative potential.

Portal Repertoire Practice, The study of the Portal method principles through excerpts from the works of choreographer Orly Portal.

Born in 1969, Orly Portal graduated from the Department of Dance Studies at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance before continuing her professional career as a principal dancer with the Kol Demama Dance Company directed by Moshe Efrati (integrating dancers with and without hearing impairment) and the Batsheva Dance Company.

As the co-founder of the Improvisa Ensemble, she further explored the art of improvisation while all the time expanding her knowledge and delving deeper into Arab folklore, studying authentic Arab music at the Bar Ilan University and traveling to Morocco to learn firsthand the roots dance of the Gnawa and Berber tribes.

For over 25 years, Orly Portal has performed on many stages and festivals in Israel and around the world and has collaborated with leading artists from various fields, including Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Timna Brauer and Eli Meiri, Shai Dayan, Mark Eliyahu, Albert Amar, Yair Dalal, Eyal Sela, and Bustan Abraham among others.

In 2009, she founded the Orly Portal Dance Company for which she created original choreographies introducing ancient dance through contemporary expression while applying insights from her extensive research.

“Laylat Hob”, “Gnawiya”, “Between the Open and the Hidden”, “Between the Worlds”- a co-production with the Ashkelon Mediterranean Andalusian Orchestra, “Rabia”, “Swiria”, and Portal’s recent choreography of “The Rite of Spring of Farid El-Atrache” have received rave reviews, marking Orly Portal’s multidisciplinary innovative dance creation as one-of-a-kind, mesmerizing and inspiring.

Portal is coming to the DAP Festival with 3 exclusive dancers: Anderson Braz a dancer and graduate of the Classical and Modern Dance School in Londrina, Brazil, he danced with Ballet De Londrina and professional dance companies in Salvador and Sao Paulo.

In 2005, he accepted Ohad Naharin’s invitation and joined the Batsheva Dance Company.

In 2008, he was among the founders of the Maria Kong Dance and Performing Arts Company.

Braz is also a practitioner of the Ilan Lev Method.

Artour Astmar, a graduate of the Ballet School in Voronezh, Russia, after immigrating to Israel he continued his studies at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

Dancer, the painter, and designer, Astman, the choreographer of the Clipa Theater, danced with the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, Barak Marshall, Inbal Pinto, and Avshalom Pollak Dance Company, the Maria Kong Dance and Performing Arts Company.

He is one of the finalists of the Israeli reality show “Born to Dance” and a guest in the Russian version of this program.

Erez Zohar, a graduate of the Rubin Academy of Music and Dance High School in Jerusalem.

Zohar, a multidisciplinary creator, is a former dancer of the Batsheva Dance Company.

Since 2012, he assists dance companies around the world in the re-staging of Ohad Naharin’s works.

He is a Gaga teacher who leads workshops and classes in Israel and abroad and a certified practitioner of the Ilan Lev Method.

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