Mariangela Ghilarducci born in Camaiore on February 10, 1981.

After years of studying classical dance with absolute masters relief, experience is fundamental to his artistic training of a prestigious Full-Scholarship at the Royal Theater of Copenhagen, which, from the age of 12, allows it to be perfected for two consecutive years at the Bartholin International Ballet Copenhagen seminar. In 1999 he entered the company school of the Balletto di Tuscany, where for two years it is perfected in dance Contemporary. Since 2000 he has worked for years with the renowned company Versiliadanza by Angela Torriani Evangelisti, treading the principals Italian stages for four productions. In 2006 she founded the Momo Dance School, of which she remains director artistic while continuing the path of dancer. Dance in his own choreographies in the production “Jesus Christ Superstar “of the Compagnia Rockopera. Collaborate in the creation of “Lights and Shadows of Africa”, conceived and directed by the dancer Leonardo Fumarola. In 2009 he joined the big Milanese company “Kataklò Athletic Dance Theater”. In 2013 she is the creator and artistic director of the “Primavera Dance “, a three-day event that calls for two consecutive editions hundreds of young dancers at the Olive Tree Theater in Camaiore. In 2013 she was chosen by the Gaber Foundation from over one hundred artists per participate in the Special Decade of the Gaber Festival in Versilia, where, he performed in “The streets at night” with his own creation on the notes of the Gaberian masterpiece “The Conformist”. Still in July 2013, she is called to perform in the show “Twenty” at the Teatro della Versiliana alongside Luciana Savignano e other artists of the same caliber. Since 2013 she is the creator and dancer of “Nebul ae”, an art project shared, experimental and research, to break the barriers between Arts.

At just three months, the first major collaboration: “Nebul ae”joins the cast of the “HPDB? Festival “of the Afterhours frontman Manuel Agnelli. Four, the lives in which it participates: Cantieri OGR di Turin (2013), Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome (2013), Alcatraz of Milan (2014) and Ex Multi-screen Cinema Garden of Monticchio in L’Aquila (2014).

In June 2014 he debuted at the Teatro dell’Olivo di Camaiore “MOMO in scene “, production of which she is the creator, director and choreographer, with a exceptional cast composed of dancers, sculptors, musicians, besides to the painter Isabella Staino and to the actor Elio Germano. In April 2015 the show is repeated at the “Auditorium E. Caruso” Theater in Torre
del Lago Puccini, where sold-out is doubled. In the summer of 2017 it is in the cast of the innovative “CIBART” by
Seravezza, which every year and also in 2019 will participate with its own choreographies.

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