Magdalena From Delis is an educated dancer from the Ballet Academy in Gothenburg Sweden.

She is a multi-artist which activities include performing, dancing, acting, and creating costumes, sets, and artifacts.

As a freelance, she works with professionals at the National Opera in Bergen Norway, numerous Scandinavian Festivals, touring activities, and commits to community artwork in Scandinavia as well as internationally.

Magdalena has a strong expression in her Choreography work that is often based on a lot of speed and performance in focus, high tempo, and an eye for detail and dance technique making her dance classes suitable for a wide group of dancers.

In her work as a choreographer and director, her focus goes to sculpturing in space with distinguished marks of her as a visual artist.

She is always searching for a new interesting form for the creative mind and the art of body language.

Magdalena From Delis is the founder of “Spinae Company”, a youth performance dance company and she directs the center for dance, art, and culture for professionals & amateurs based in Bergen Norway.

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