Kseniya Mikheeva is a very well known choreographer in Saint-Petersburg Russia. After finishing the Ballet school of Ascold Makarov, she was admitted to the Vaganova Ballet Academy 2009-2016 and after graduation, she became a dancer and a Choreographer with the famous Russian theater “Provincial dances” in Ekaterinburg. She is presently teaching and choreographing for the Dance Academy of Boris Eifman in Saint-Petersburg and at the contemporary School Kannon dance SP: Since 2015 she founded the “Kseniya Mikheeva Project”, which has produced 6 works for the Alexandrinsky Theater. The Ksenia Mikheeva Dance company establishes itself in the Russian dance world as a technically strong and selective dance company. In its repertoire, there are already four one-act ballets: the “Case of H” (2016, International Festival Open Look), Wind (2016, Festival Work in progress), a solo performance of “Waiting for Godot” (2017), “Medea” (2017), “the Storm” (2017) and “The Collector” (nominated for the “Golden Mask“ for the National Theatre Prize in two categories: “Best Work” and “Best Choreographer” ).Now the Company is constructing “Coppelia” a special Production for DAP Festival 2018. All works are created with the support of the House of dance “Kannon Dance” and the “DFT STAGE COMPANY”.



Stanislav Ponomarev. studying at The Folk Dance and Song Studio (1999-2004) and Comedia del arte Dance Studio (2008-2012) in Izhevsk City; also at Centre for Dance “Kannon Dance”, St. Petersburg. Winner and First Degree Laureat of International and Russian Festivals 2009-2017: “Prikamsky Olymp”, Perm; “Russia Makeover”, Saint Petersburg; “World dance OLYMPIAD”, Moscow; “Russian Dance Champion League”, Samara; “Rigas Pavasaris”, Latvia; DAP Festival, Italy.

Performed: “Gravity” by Anna Klimakova; “No Excuses”, “The «Сh» Circumstances”, “A Storm”, “THE COMPLETIST” (Golden Mask 2018 nominee) by Ksenia Miheeva; “Scales and a little bit more” by Boris Shipulin.

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