Born in Pietrasanta in 1995, she began studying dance at the age of 4 and up to 13, the year in which she was admitted to the Academy of the Teatro Alla Scala in Milan, she studied in all the Schools of the Versilia area.

Thanks to a scholarship offered by Maestro Alessandra Celentano for the Centro Danza Pinerolo, she continues her studies there for 2 years.

In the following years, Jessica studies with Maestra Oxana Kichenko of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Turin and with Victor Litvinov in Florence, following on weekends masterclasses with national and international famous teachers.

She wins numerous scholarships for summer courses, like the Bolshoi Ballet (Moscow) and the English National Ballet School (London) for the year 2014/2015.

In the same years, she is also admitted to the apprenticeship program of the Northern Ballet company in Leeds, UK directed by David Nixon.

Here she dances in the production “Peter Pan” (David Nixon), “Elves and the Shoemaker” (Daniel de Andrade), “The Great Gatsby” (David Nixon).

After returning to Italy, she attends a classical and contemporary dance workshop at the University of Malta during which she is awarded a scholarship for the Bucharest Comic Opera.

It is in this period that she begins to get closer to modern-contemporary dance and choreography.

In 2017, she attends the Parson Dance Intensive with David Parson and the dancers of the company.

She is chosen by Adria Ferrali to dance around the works of the sculptor Giuseppe Carta within the activities of the DAP Festival where she also dances in the production “The Crowd” by Sebastian Kloborg and “We circle the night” by Thang Dao at the La Versiliana Grand stage.

That same year Jessica is called as a guest dancer for the event “European Project Filippide 2017” held at the Parco Della Musica in Rome.

In 2018 she received a contract with the Plovdiv State Opera Ballet company in Bulgaria and shortly after she is appointed Italian brand ambassador for the famous Russian brand Grishko (in the Grishko Generation program).

During Danza in Fiera 2018, Maestro Antonio Fini offers her a scholarship for the “New York – Fini Dance”.

In the same year, she is selected for the “ON Dance project”, conceived and directed by Roberto Bolle, and has the opportunity to study with Roberto Bolle himself, Julie Kent, and Sasha Zaitsev, Francesco Nappa for contemporary dance, and she gains the opportunity to dance at the FINAL Gran gala “Roberto Bolle and Friends” at the Teatro Degli Arcimboldi in Milan in contemporary choreography by F. Nappa and on the outdoor stage at the Arco Della Pace with Bolle in a scene created by Massimiliano Volpini.

In 2018 she began the “Inspire” teaching path at the Royal Ballet School in London completed in May 2019.

Selected one’s again for Roberto Bolle’s On Dance, she had the opportunity to follow the lessons at the Teatro Degli Arcimboldi for classical dance and repertoire with Bella Rachinskaja and with Roberto Zamorano for the contemporary; at the end of the week, she performed in the final show in Piazza Duomo (MI) on choreography by M. Volpini alongside Roberto Bolle, Mahmood, and Serena Rossi.
In 2020 she is certified as a Progressing Ballet Technique teacher.

In the same year, she follows classical technique lessons with Daniel de Andrade (Northern Ballet company) and subsequently works as a dancer for the realization of the show “Frida” with Alberto Canestro’s Lyric Dance Company (FI).

In 2021 she participates in the course of the Academy of the Teatro Alla Scala of didactic methodology for the preparatory courses (primary school classes).

As a teacher she currently collaborates with the following schools:
– “Movements in Dancing” – directed by Ascania Roni (Seravezza) as a classical teacher since 2018 and as an empowerment teacher applied to dance since 2017
– Keos Dance Project DanceMod – directed by Stefano Puccinelli (Viareggio) as a classical teacher for intermediate and advanced courses from September 2020

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