The 2017 DAP Festival launches an International Choreographic Platform open to dancers and choreographers from all over the world. After reviewing the submissions, the Artistic Director and her Associate selected 5 national and international choreographers.

The performances of the choreographers will take place on the stage of the Civic Theater of Pietrasanta and in the International Sculptural Park of the City of Pietrasanta (DAP FESTIVAL Outside Locations).

The outside performances transform these spaces into improvised theaters. The dance itself reaches the audience by animating the city and its wonderful artistic sites in a constant “dance of the invasion”.

An innovative form of universal communication, which merges the visual and performing arts, and permeates the civic fabric offering a citywide display for the community, the visitor, and the passerby.

The work of the 5 selected choreographers will be filmed during the Festival, and using this video, the DAP Festival’s Artistic Direction will create a final presentation of their entire partecipation and work.
Didactic activities and performances will take place on the stage of the Civic Theatre (DAP Festival International College), the official location for all artistic and educational activities offered to professional dancers, students and choreographers during the Festival.
10 students selected during the Master Classes of the DAP Festival College will have the chance to participate in the realization of the artistic project, directed by Sebastian Kloborg, and dance on July 1st during the Grand Gala on La Versiliana stage. During this event prizes will be assigned to choreography and visual arts.


> The goal of the international festival is to provide a platform to display national and international choreography, to promote creativity and diversity of ideas.
> The extension of this choreographic study within the artistic spaces of the city is part of an initiative to promote dance in Tuscany.
> The contact with the artistic reality of the city is an impulse to creativity and to experimentation of the arts.
> The incorporation of photography and visual arts connects the project to contemporary visual media. This enhances the artistic and experimental quality of the project.


The jury of the DAP Festival is international, composed by M° Fatima Cerqueira, composer and musician Kim Helweg, sculptor Jørgen Haugen Sørensen, artistic director of the Festival, Adria Ferrali and New York Associate Artistic Director Susan Kikuchi and Cassey Kivnick.
The jury of the Dap Festival evaluates the choreographers present at the Show in all its activities: in the presentation of choreography on the stage of our Theatre, in the interaction and transposition of choreography into the sculptural space assigned in the international sculpture park of Pietrasanta, in the teaching of Master Classes, in the motivation and overall presentation of its work during the event.

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