August Bournonville, (21 August 1805 – 30 November 1879) was a Danish dancer and choreographer who directed the Royal Danish Ballet for almost 50 years and founded the Danish style, the oldest legacy of ballet still alive today.

Original style whose salient features are to be identified in the perfect finishing of each step is embellished and made more brilliant from the relief given to the half-point, to the lightness and ease of the “ballon”, to the graceful composure of the “port de bras “, the wise use of batteries, the fast work of the feet, all of which are alien to any virtuosic appearance and combined with strong expressive mimicry.

His ballets have remained in the repertoire of the Royal Danish Ballet for over a century and one of his names is linked to his name most fascinating chapters in the history of nineteenth-century ballet.

Bournonville’s style has remained almost intact to this day and is considered the true descendant of the French nineteenth century style.

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