Alessandro has been a stage photographer since 1990. He has collaborated with theater companies and with numerous Jazz musicians, taking care of the photographic aspect for the creation of various CD covers (Franco D’Andrea, Yusef Lateef, Tiziana Ghiglioni, Riccardo Tesi, Tiziano Tononi, etc. ..). He is very renowned for his work with important Italian Contemporary Dance Companies including Sosta Palmizi, Virgilio Sieni, Abbondanza and Bertoni, Balletto di Toscana, Aldes, Simona Bucci, Da Cru etc…. and for his documentations and photographic exhibitions for important festivals such as Metastasio Jazz, Vivere Jazz, Musical Itineraries, Borderland Jazz, FirenzeJazzFestival, Tradizione in Movimento, Estate Fiesolana, Fabbrica Europa, Florence Dance Festival, Mantova Danza, Danza in Fiera, Danzed’Inverno etc… He has made various publications such as “On the periphery of the sky” (ed. Titivillus), “The belly dance” (ed. Gremese). “Immaginando” (catalog of the National Theater of Quarrata). “Acoustic Paths” (Festival catalog), “Winter Dance” (Festival catalog), “Francesca Selva’s choreographies” (catalog), “Compagnia Xe – In the middle of the Daisies” (Catalog). Other photos feature in specialized magazines such as Musica Jazz,, Percussions and Jazz Colors. Since 2008 Alessandro Botticelli teaches permanently at the APAB International School of Photography

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