DAP Multimedia Festival operates in the international contemporary dance field, triggering European and worldwide collaborations.

Adapting to the coexistence with COVID19, we encorage the creation of new choreographies, according to the security measures imposed by “social distancing”.

We enter the FUTURE to choreographic creativity on computers and smartphones, because fighting the pandemic with new technologies is an act of cultural solidarity.

Our home’s private dimensions where children, partners, and even domestic animals become the protagonists and an integral part of the scenery where we as dancers, transform these videos with our smartphones into a creative and viral superpower.

The new site-specific stages for choreographies are homes, apartments, private gardens, terraces, and sometimes architectural civic spaces. We inspire dance choreography and emphasize the principle that creative Dance cannot stop!

Send your video in HD in orizontal format to info@dapfestival.com with the image/video disclamer.

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