DAP Multimedia Festival operates in the international contemporary dance field, triggering European and worldwide collaborations.

Adapting to the coexistence with COVID19, we encorage the creation of new choreographies, according to the security measures imposed by “social distancing”.

We enter the FUTURE to choreographic creativity on computers and smartphones, because fighting the pandemic with new technologies is an act of cultural solidarity.

Our home’s private dimensions where children, partners, and even domestic animals become the protagonists and an integral part of the scenery where we as dancers, transform these videos with our smartphones into a creative and viral superpower.

The new site-specific stages for choreographies are homes, apartments, private gardens, terraces, and sometimes architectural civic spaces. We inspire dance choreography and emphasize the principle that creative Dance cannot stop!

Send your video in HD in orizontal format to info@dapfestival.com with the image/video disclamer.


Comune di Pietrasanta
Centro Arti Visive Pietrasanta
New Dance Drama


Cons.to Onorario della Fed.ne RUSSA in PISA
Ambasciata di Israele a Roma
City of Montgomery, Alabama
Provincia di Lucca
Regione Toscana
Bicentenario Consolato Usa Firenze
Consolato Usa Firenze


Kemerovo State
Royal Danish Odense
Troy University


Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca
Banca Versilia Lunigiana e Garfagnana
Bondarenko Oxana – Tsyganov Vladimir
Contini Galleria d’Arte


New Dance Drama is the project of the “New Dance Drama” Cultural Association for the promotion of Contemporary Dance. Created in Sweden 2000, the Association was legally constituted as an organization in Italy in 2003. Since then, the organization acts in Italy and Northern Europe researching young talents and expanding on principles of modern and contemporary dance for the creation and development of new dance compositions with a dramatic character. The Association’s proposal is to offer the basics for the education of young artists in a place deeply bound to contemporary visual arts such as sculpture and set design. For this reason the former New Dance Drama association has had its artistic residence in the City of Pietrasanta since 2008. In 2009, New Dance Dreams participated in “The Pietrasanta Festival: Michelangelo and his Heirs” in Montgomery, Alabama, which undertook a journey through the universal themes of existence by connecting the deepest aspects of human nature to our contemporary world.

The program was inspired by Michelangelo’s art, which represents a model to follow according to the highest canons of Aesthetic. All of this is expressed in strongly dramatic terms, communicating ethical, spiritual, and political messages in an intellectual and collective manner. At the same time, dance sculpts the space around it through the sculpture and dynamics of the bodies.

The unveiling power of movement makes dance the art of excellence, able to pass beyond the boundaries of the word and to lead the artist to new creations, founded on the living relationship between space, the body, the scene, and the audience. The moment in which the dance “happens” becomes “DRAMA” , an artistic dream.


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